Helalia Language School

Excellence is our means to accomplish success

Helalia Language school is a pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 school (this year) with a current projected enrollment of approximately 500 students, which makes it a fairly unique experience for our students. By the end of the year most of our students will know each other.

Our objective, as parents and educators, is the same which is to give students the best possible guidance towards the realization of their highest capacities. To accomplish this goal, full cooperation between home and school is essential.

It is the belief of Helalia staff, parents, and students that school should be a safe,happy place where staff, parents, and students are positive and children are well behaved.

Helalia Language School is committed to doing the very best that can be done to ensure success for every student.

We believe that:

We have an obligation to search out and implement the most effective teaching methods available and that checking for student learning is critical.

  * We must provide multiple opportunities for success for every student.

  * Continuous improvement is an-going process.

  * Education is a shared responsibility between teachers, students, and parents.

We'll always do our best to help you reach the highest level of satisfaction and to offer our students the best level of 

education they deserve.

Helalia Language Schools is a touch of excellence from both sides of the world!